Saturday, April 20, 2024

FCStone Products/Services – Risk Assessment | Policy & Procedure Development | Budget Development

Risk Assessment
Energy-intensive companies and utilities are exposed to various risks, including existing controls/processes, generation portfolio, energy contracts, base/peak load requirement forecasts and projected fuel requirements. FCStone identifies and assesses such risks and then reviews possible methods of mitigation.

Price Risk Management Policy & Procedures Review or Development
FCStone methodically reviews and/or develops risk management policies and operational guidelines in light of industry best practices and the client’s requirements. These policies and procedures will be developed into a formal, yet practical document, serving as a roadmap for the execution of the risk management program.

Credit Risk Management Policy Review or Development
In today’s market it is crucial to track exposure to counterparty default. Keeping in mind the client’s risk tolerance, FCStone assists with the creation of a credit scoring model, provides general guidelines for determining appropriate counterparty exposure limits, and advises on different ways to mitigate the exposure. FCStone documents these credit evaluation methodologies and tracking policies and procedures in a formal credit policy.

Budget Development
DeteFCStonening a budget in today’s volatile commodity marketplace can be a significant challenge for buyers. FCStone has developed a customizable and quantitative approach to the formulation of energy budget recommendations, incorporating a blend of historic pricing, forward market prices, and volatility/risk factors.