Saturday, April 20, 2024

FCStone Products/Services – Know-Risk™ Position Tracking and Reporting

Know-Risk™ Position Tracking and Reporting
FCStone’s Know-Risk™ online tracking and reporting system is a medium for physical and financial deal capture, credit risk management, market risk management, and report generation. The online software provides a central system, both client and consultant accessible, that can perform a wide range of position tracking, budget tracking, risk assessment, and counterparty credit tracking reports for the continual active monitoring of a procurement plan.

Many Know-Risk™ reports utilize FCStone’s Mark-It View™ database which provides objective forward price and volatility curves for a multitude of locations and commodities.

Example Reports & Risk Metrics

  • Mark-to-Market
  • Hedge Target Report
  • Variance to Budget (VTB) Volume / Volume Hedge
  • Variance to Budget (VTB) Value
  • Margin Requirements Report
  • Net Positions Report
  • Scenario Analysis: Risk Assessment Report (RAR)
  • Scenario Analysis: What-If Risk Assessment Report (WRAR)
  • Credit Exposure
  • Forward Credit Exposure

System Capabilities

  • Know-Risk™ is designed to track positions and generate reports for energy and commodity products. This includes natural gas, electricity, fuels, grains, dairy, and one-off commodities.
  • Positions can independently queried by division, plant, commodity and counterparty.
  • The Know-Risk™ system has “user type” classifications that allow for varying levels of access (e.g., administrator, validator, trader, read-only).

For more information on Know-Risk™, click here.