Saturday, April 20, 2024

FCStone Products/Services – Know-Risk Energy™

Know-Risk Energy™
FCStone’s Know-Risk Energy™ is designed for energy end users that manage supply contracts in multiple locations. Know-Risk Energy™ provides a central application, both client and consultant accessible, that tracks contracts, suppliers, hedged positions and budgets, and provides current market indicatives for electricity and natural gas by territory.

The front page of Know-Risk Energy™ provides the client with a visual map of its facilities/locations across the country. Clicking on a marker allows one to access the contract, supplier, budget, and market data for a particular facility/territory.

Reporting Functions

  • Position & Budget Tracking
  • Supplier Contact Info & Agreement Database
  • Hedged vs. Open Volume Report
  • Variance-to-Budget Value
  • Market Indicatives

For more information on Know-Risk Energy™, click here.