Saturday, May 21, 2022

Chicago, IL Headquarters

Chris Amedeo - Risk Management Consultant

Chris joined Risk Management Incorporated, now part of INTL FCStone Financial Inc., FCM Division, in 2006 to add depth to the company’s energy brokerage service offerings. Each year, he is instrumental in the facilitation of over $16 billion (notional value) in energy contracts on behalf of clients. His extensive familiarity with floor, electronic, and over-the-counter markets and platforms has helped to ensure efficient and timely hedge strategy execution. Chris works with clients to determine best product fit for their risk tolerance, current market, and their hedge execution parameters. In addition, he has worked with the programing team in developing software to assist the trade desk with option pricing, trade execution tracking and account facilitation functions. His previous experience at a futures commission merchant has helped him to achieve expertise in account facilitation and exchange-related margining; providing clients today with a comfort level in their hedge strategy cash flow management requirements and account needs. Chris holds a BA from the University of Colorado.