What is Know-Risk?

Know-Risk™ is a subscription-based service. If you would like more information, contact FCStone at 312.373.8250 or email [email protected].

The Know-Risk™ online tracking and reporting system is a medium for physical and financial deal capture, credit risk management, market risk management, and report generation.


Initial & Ongoing Data Input

  • Products and Positions
  • Counterparty Information
  • Forward Price Curves and Volatilities

Price & Credit Risk Tracking

  • Price and Credit Risk Exposure Tracked Daily

Hedge Plan Functionalities

  • Customized Budgets
  • Price and Time Trigger Tracking
  • Tool Options

Counterparty Credit Strength Review

  • Scoring Methodology Review
  • Current and Prospective Counterparty Evaluation

Reports & Risk Metrics

  • Mark-to-Market/Net Positions
  • Variance to Budget Volume/Value
  • Current & Forward Credit Exposure
  • Risk Assessment Calculations
  • Stress Test Analysis
  • Margin Requirements/Exposure
  • Benchmarking